Thor's Hammers

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Marvel-ous Thor's Hammer (H356)

well, if they can take a page from our 'book' so to speak, the return is fair. Thor's hammer, based on the hammer wielded by the Marvel (tm) version of the God of Thunder.
yes, *that* one

Thor's Hammer pendant with Oath Ring (H107)

Elegant, modern design with integral oath ring.  Ornate designs on both sides. 1 1/4 inch long.

Dragon Knotwork Hammer (H319)

Based on several modern and ancient designs.  Aprox. 2.5" long

Donar's Oak Hammer (H57)

Classic design, made of solid oak. 1 3/8 inch long

Vikingland with Sunwheel (H58)

A contemporary design, nicely detailed. 1 1/8 inch long

Danish Museum Replica (H59)

Viking era design, 1 1/2 in long

Little Mjolnir (H109)

Norwegiean museum replica, 15/16ths inch long. Sterling silver

Swedish Hammer (H106)

Very ornate hammer that weighs in at a full ounce!  1 1/2 inches long

AlThing Hammer (H121)

This beautiful commemorative hammer was cast in honor of Sveinbjorn Beintiensson.  It is a contemporary design featuring the Tyr rune of the Asatru Alliance, and "AlThing" spelled in runes above a small sunwheel.  1 1/8 inches long.

Large Arch Hammer (H316)

Museum replica, aproximately 3" wide

Ram Hammer (H300)

Large ram's head hammer with knotwork, aprox 2.5" long

Swedish Design - Double sided (H104)

Swedish museum replica - a fully 3D/two sided version of the H102

Vikingland w/sunwheel - double sided (H60)

full-thickness, double sided version of our H58 Vikingland pendant

Celtic Knot Hammer (H64)

Intricate knotwork sets this elegant hammer apart from the rest.  1" long by 3/4" wide

Knotwork hammer (H321)

1.25" long, double sided design