Norse Jewelry

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Large Sunwheel Pendant (P64)

Substantial Solar Cross Pendant in solid sterling silver, over 1" in diameter.

Othala Rune Pin (H27p)


Othala rune pin.  Slightly over 1” long with dual clutch-back

Proceeds of this sale benefit the Asatru Alliance


Godi Pendant (H110)

Swedish museum replica, 1 1/4 inches long

Valkyrie Pendant (H112)

Swedish museum replica. 1 3/8 inches long

Gungnir (H94)

This spear pendant is a replica of an English museum piece that was found in a woman's grave near Kent. 2" long.

Valknut (H98)

1 1/4 inches long, sterling silver

Odin's Wolf head - accent bead (H62)

Accent ritual wear, braid into hair/beards, or add to a necklace chain.

Freya's Knot (H96)

Pendant based on an ancient design of intertwined mead horns.  Aprox 1.5" tall.

Nordic Beasts (H119)

These classic chain attachments are designed to attache to a hammer with an oath ring - Sold in pairs

Ullr Pendant (H115)

Celebrating the ancient Norse God of the hunt, archery and war, this magnificent contemporary design is fully cast with details on both sides.  This pendant is heavy, weighing over 2 oz.

Irminsul pendant (H26)

aprox. 1" tall - Irminsul - the representation of the World Tree

Helm of Awe Pendant - ægishjálmr (A103)

back of pendant is blank for engraving, if desired.

small solar cross pendant (A136)

Roughly the size of a nickle, a simple but elegant piece.