Celtic Jewelry

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Celtic torc ring

Sterling silver torc ring with Celtic style design. adjustable, fits up to size 8 easily
Adjustable torc ring with Celtic design in sterling silver

Otter Pendant Norse/Celtic (A155)

new/original item from ancient designs found in Northern Europe. Approximately 1.75" tall including bail

Mini beast pendant grippers, pair (VC33)

small hound pendant grippers, sold as pairs. holds either side of a pendant to a chain for a secure fit.

Cat pendant charm (VC32)

small pendant or a bracelet charm or... the witch's cat from one of our most popular pentagrams, now available as a separate charm! available in bronze, white bronze, and sterling (sterling earrings coming soon!)

Goddess pendant with arms raised (VG10)

elegant pendant with a substantial bail, will fit most chains/cords. about 1.5" long

Witches' knot pendant (VC39)

traditional witches' knot design, handwoven sterling silver, just under 1.75" top to bottom
handwoven design