Other spiritual/ritual tools

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4 inch Bowli
4 inch handcrafted oak blessing bowl, carved from Oak and engraved with the Elder Futhark.
Heathen Made

Proceeds of the sale of this item benefit the Asatru Alliance
6 inch Bowli

Handcrafted oak blessing bowl, 6 inches in diameter, engraved with the Elder Futhark. Natural Oak color and hand finished.
Heathen made.

Proceeds from the sale of this item benefit the Asatru Alliance
Sunwheel (Oak or Poplar)
Handcrafted in natural woods - sizes larger than 6" have beveled edges.
Solid bronze oathring
Bronze, with sunwheel engraving
Handpainted Drums
Each one is handcrafted/handpainted, and although we have several designs, no two will be exactly the same. High quality 12" Remo Weatherking hand drums with bold acrylic colors, sealed.
Large Engraved ritual bowli

Large engraved wood ritual bowl for group use.

Aprox 5" deep, 11" across.

Natural Oak Oathring
Handcrafted from solid oak, and pyrograved with runic inscriptions "as witnessed by the High Holy Ones of Asgard - so shall it be"
6" diameter, natural oak ​color and fine finish
Wood Ritual Hammer
Handcrafted in solid oak, measures about 5" x 5" x1"
Natural oak color and fin​ish
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