Thor's Hammers

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AlThing Hammer (H121)
This beautiful commemorative hammer was cast in honor of Sveinbjorn Beintiensson.  It is a contemporary design featuring the Tyr rune of the Asatru Alliance, and "AlThing" spelled in runes above a small sunwheel.  1 1/8 inches long.
Viking Era design Thor's Hammer (H29)
Museum replica, 1 1/8 inches long
Dragon Knotwork Hammer (H319)
Based on several modern and ancient designs.  Aprox. 2.5" long
Danish Viking Hammer (H83)
Viking era museum replica, 1 in long  Sterling Silver
Vikingland w/sunwheel - double sided (H60)
full-thickness, double sided version of our H58 Vikingland pendant
Double Sided Swede (H120)
Just slightly smaller than the H105, but this one is fully double sided in all detail. 1 5/8 inchest long.
Ram Hammer (H300)
Large ram's head hammer with knotwork, aprox 2.5" long
Big Swede hammer (H105)
Swedish museum replica, 1 3/4 inch long.
This is a large, thick, heavy hammer wrought in excellent detail.
Viking Warrior's Head Hammer (H63)
Viking era design 1 3/8 inch long
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